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I’m  excited (and plenty nervous) to announce that my first novel, The Atlantis Twins, is finished! The book is a psychological thriller about a young woman’s search for her missing twin. It’s on Amazon Scout eligible for nomination and your perusal. It’s free to nominate and you’ll also get a free copy if it’s selected!

Please visit the link below where you can read the first chapters and click ‘nominate’, if you’d be so kind.

If you can, please also share the link above to your Facebook, Twitter or other favorite social media hang-out. That would be extremely helpful.:) Thank you very much for your support! Please don’t delay since the earlier nominations count for a lot and I only have until February 27th to make this happen.

With gratitude,


Recent News

After a hugely successful limited theatrical release nationwide and over one-hundred and fifty community screenings across the United States and around the world, Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds is being broadcast on select PBS affiliates across the United States!

Documentary Storytelling

We have produced acclaimed documentary programming that has been broadcast on networks ranging from HBO to PBS to Sundance Channel and others.

Branded Content

Organik Media Inc. has helped a diverse range of companies, brands and individuals use the power of story to create change, inform and inspire.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality is not only about gaming. Documentary VR helps viewers deeply connect with a subject. We are on the forefront of exploring this phenomenal story-telling medium.



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