Welcome to Organik Media Inc. – The Essence of Authentic Storytelling. Based in NYC, we delve deep to uncover stories that defy the mainstream, bringing forth unspoken truths and the spiritual pulse of humanity. With an agile and adept team, we’ve made waves across top brands and networks, including HBO, Sundance Channel, and MTV/LOGO. Our strength lies in our compassionate approach to interviewing, ensuring every narrative we craft resonates with the soul. Let’s connect, and let us tell your authentic story.

Documentary Storytelling

We have produced acclaimed documentary programming that has been broadcast on networks ranging from HBO to PBS to Sundance Channel and others.

Branded Content

Organik Media Inc. has helped a diverse range of companies, brands and individuals use the power of story to create change, inform and inspire.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality is not only about gaming. Documentary VR helps viewers connect deeply with a subject and explore locations as if they were there.